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JNC Behavioral Services is proud to serve the Rio Grande Valley with offices in Edinburg and Brownsville. Our highest priority is to deliver high quality and personalized care to our patients


Providing the Rio Grande Valley with

 Professional and Compassionate Mental Health Care

In Providing care for young patients, we focus on early diagnosis as the best prognostic factor is early intervention.

We all deserve to live up to our fullest potential. At JNC we help you to find a treatment option that will fit your needs. Consult today our professional team.

In the senior patients, precise diagnosis is very important. At JNC we focus on having a thorough assessment to help us identify the cause of symptoms and have assertive treatment options.


JNC Behavioral Services

Welcome to our webpage, please accept our unrestricted determination to offer solutions to your needs, concerns, and questions.


Let us share a little bit of JNC Behavioral Services history, it was founded on April of 2011, with our first office opening in Harlingen, Texas. By March 2012, we transferred our office to Brownsville, and later started operating from our current location since July 2014.


We expanded our services to the McAllen Metro area on 2017 being our first office in Mission which was then moved to our actual location in Edinburg in 2019.


During these years JNC has provided services including but not limited to Outpatient Clinical Psychiatry, Inpatient Psychiatry as well as Correctional Psychiatry. We work closely with our community physicians coordinating treatment plans for our patients.

We have an integrative approach to our treatments believing in the ability that each person has to improve through basic changes in their daily habits such as, healthy diet, attending exercise programs, individual and group psychotherapies, mindful breathing, meditation and yoga.

We have alliance with a great variety of professionals and institutions with whom we coordinate these interventions as an effort to minimize exposure to psychiatric medications and avoid unnecessary side effects potential from prescriptions.


When you come to JNC, expect to have a thorough assessment of your needs, we will address different aspects of your health and provide a treatment that will fit the different aspects and domains of your daily life.


Our staff is friendly, supportive, highly committed, and very professional. We will empower you as the main decision maker of the treatment, emphasizing on education so you can make well informed decisions.


Please give us the opportunity to meet you and work together for a better future!


Find Us

Two locations to serve the entire Rio Grande Valley.


345 Lorenaly Dr.
Brownsville, TX 78526
Phone: 956-545-0646
Fax: 956-545-0649

609 N. Jackson Rd
Edinburg, TX 78541
Phone: 956-600-7807
Fax: 956-600-7846


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