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Learning Disorders

Children with learning disorders can have problems with listening, paying attention, speaking, reading, writing, or doing math. It is important to identify learning disorders when they are present as specialized education can help children with their struggle.

The child with a learning disorder may have trouble following instruction, trouble remembering, trouble with differentiating between left and right, flipping the order of numbers and letters, lack in coordination, misplacing items, problems with understanding the concept of time.


Learning Disorders are diagnosed as:

With Impairment in Reading

With Impairment in Written Expression

With Impairment in Mathematics


A variety of tests may be necessary to determine the type of learning disorder including referral to a clinical psychologist who will perform a Neuropsychological Test, Developmental Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, and or a Speech Therapist. Coordinating treatment with these professionals will improve the prognosis and enhance the treatment plan.


Very often this condition can be misdiagnosed as ADHD or Intellectual Disability Disorder translating into the student being misplaced in school programs, not allocating appropriate academic resources, and having the wrong interventions. Having proper treatment as early as possible is very important as this will have lifelong consequences impacting social, academic, and occupation domains during adulthood life.

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