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Youth Services

In serving the youth, we have to keep in mind the importance of early diagnosis. In young kids, early intervention can potentially lead to the resolution of symptoms. On the contrary, not having an intervention can lead to lifetime consequences.


Parents often feel concerned that their kids will be prescribed psychiatric medications, causing delays in starting treatment or preferring not to seek help. Keep in mind that many interventions are non-pharmacological and can offer effective help in the long-term prognosis.


At JNC, we educated the parents on how early diagnosis should be the first and most important goal in the treatment plan. Depending on the results of the diagnostic testing, we discuss the many different treatment options. This is vital because young patients respond much better to the different treatments as their brain is more dynamic and has a greater reservoir of healthy neuronal circuits that will help in the recovery process.


We have an integrative approach where we rely on therapy/counseling, diet changes, exercise programs, herbal options are explored to minimize the exposure of psychiatric medications.


We hope you can trust us with the care of your child.

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