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Somatic Disorders

These disorders refer to either psychological conflict or psychiatric condition which can manifest as a physical symptom that cannot be explained by a medical condition. In many circumstances medical work ups come back negative and there is no established cause for the symptoms reported.


Anxiety is a common feature in the clinical picture of this diagnostic category. This can happen either because it is the main problem or as a reaction to an already established medical condition. 


As we age our body becomes more sensitive and has more difficulties coping with emotional stress. Somatization serves as a mechanism to channel the emotional conflict. This is a clinical situation that presents very frequently in the senior population. Pain is a very frequent symptom that can appear as part of somatization.


It is important to have an accurate diagnosis as on many occasions this condition can be misdiagnosed and often treated as a medical condition, exposing the patient to medications that are not indicated and with the potential of side effects.   

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