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Trauma- and Stressor Related Disorders

Trauma is the emotional and psychological response that we have to an extreme and distressing experience. This experience becomes so intense that we feel that our emotional and physical integrity are at risk or even our lives.


These disorders are related to being exposed to or witnessing a traumatic event such as car accident, rape, natural disaster, war, and even death.


The symptomatology is displayed by having intense anxiety, recurrent distressing memories, disturbing dreams and nightmares, avoiding places and situations related to traumatic memories, responding with fear to environmental triggers that reminds us the traumatic event.


Experiencing trauma at young age can be psychologically and emotionally devastating to the point of leaving long-lasting chemical changes in the brain. This can cause the patient social, academic, occupational, and even physical limitations.


Early interventions have shown an important impact on long term prognosis. ​

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